E2P28 and E2P28 Mk2 Programmer Basic Use Guide

1. Install the programmer software

Determine your programmer version

Compare your programmer to the following pictures and determine which programmer version you have

E2P28 E2P28 Mk2
E2P28 E2P28 Mk 2

Download Software

Go to the manufacturer’s website and download the software for your programmer (http://bke.co.za/downloads.php).

NOTE: If you have the E2P28 programmer, download the software for the E2P28 programmer. If you have the E2P28 MK2 programmer, download the software for the E2P28 MK2 programmer. The software is not interchangeable!

Make sure to remember where the file is saved.

Install the Software

Double click on the downloaded installation file to start installing the software.

Follow the onscreen instructions.

Run the Software

The shortcut to the installed software is going to be in the following locations

  • On the desktop – Double click to execute
  • In a program menu with the name BK Electronics – click to execute

If you have the E2P28 Mk2 you can now either close the programmer software or use it to program supported devices (refer to the document on how to program a device using the programmer and software)

If you have the E2P28 programmer you can continue with the next step.

Self Test

NOTE: This is an optional step and is only available if you have the E2P28 programmer and software and NOT the E2P28 Mk2 programmer and software.

From the main screen in the E2P28 programmer software, select the Self Test menu option.

Select the LED radio button and then click on the GO button. A message should tell you that the LED will flash between Green and Red. Verify that the LED is flashing. (Using your multimeter or an oscilloscope, programming voltage values and clock signals can also be tested and verified.)

Use the CANCEL button to return to the main screen, when you are done using the self-test functions.

Use the Programmer

After a successful installation and Self Test the programmer can be used to program supported devices.